3rd Grade Book Reviews

Which book will you read next? Read the Reviews written by your classmates.


James and Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

James’s  parents died because a rhino attacked them.Now he lives with his nasty aunts.He got magical seeds from an old man that makes dreams come true. Then he met some human sized bugs.The bugs took him to New York City.Will he see his nasty aunts again?


Jungle of Bones by Ben Mikaelsen

After getting caught on a joyride in a stolen car, he is shipped off to live with his ex-Marine uncle for the summer. But Uncle Todd has bigger plans for Daylan than just early-morning jogs. Half a world away, grown over by the steamy jungles of Papua, New Guinea, there lies a WWII bomber named ,Second Ace, which was shot down during the war. Will you read Jungle of Bones? It is the best book ever.


Tigers at Twilight by Mary Pope Osborne 

Jack,Annie and Teddy went to India. They all met Ka and Ko.They both are monkeys and they’re brother and sister.They all saw a tiger that was hurt.Jack and Annie went to help the tiger.Will Jack and Annie get past the tiger?

# 18

Mystery The Baffling Baseball Mystery  by Carole Marsh   5 stars

One day five kids were playing baseball and they would play everyday. But Charlie, Jake and Jessie decided for   the kids to take a week off. A kid was stealing everything on the baseball field. When they got back everything was gone. They looked everywere for  the missing materials that they use to play baseball. Will they find who the person is?


I  Survived the Sinking of the Titanic, 1912 by Lauren Tarshis

Gorge, Aunt Daisy and Phoebe are on the Titanic! Everything is perfect. When all of a sudden the ship shook! It was an iceberg. Phoebe was lost on the ship! Gorge finds her just in time.The ship sunk! Thousands of people were on board! Gorge was stranded calling for help in the icy water. There was a little lifeboat with about 10 people in it. Gorge can’t find Aunt Daisy or Phoebe. But then there was a ship that rescued Gorge. Aunt Daisy and Phoebe were on it. Then George and Phoebe went home and Aunt Daisy in New York. I thought this book was amazing.


Cats vs. Dogs by Elizabeth Carney

Cats can be pickier than dogs. Dogs will eat beef and cats won’t. Cats love talking but dogs do sometimes. Siamese cats love to talk more than anything. Dogs sleep for 12 hours and cats sleep for about 18 hours. If you like dogs and cats you may like this book.


Dracula is a Pain in the Neck by Elizabeth Levy           

Robert and Sam are going to camp. But something weird like howling is going on at camp . People think Robert is Dracula. Is he or is he not or will he be Dracula’s next victim?


Hot Rod Hamster and the Awesome ATV Adventure  by Cynthia Lord

Hot Rod Hamster and his friend wanted to go on a ride. So they went on to a All Awesome ATV Adventure place. They got there All Awesome ATV. They were on the trail they saw someone was stuck in the mud. They got them out.



Game Changers  by Mike Lupica

This book is about sports. The best part is when Ben got hit in the arm and pushed through  it. He insisted the game still go on and not to worry about his arm. His friends cheered him on.


I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic,1912 by Lauren Tarshis

George and Phoebe can’t believe the Titanic was so big.They were scared when it sank!It was cool when George opened the mummy case.There were old men that were like kids throwing snowballs.It reminded me of  my grandpa.This was a good  book.


Night of the Zombie Goldfish by Dr. Roach

Zack had a friend called Judd. Zack had 13 goldfish. Zack went to see someone so Judd had to feed the 13 goldfish. Judd accidentally fed the fish chemicals! The fish turn into zombies!


Epos The Winged Flame by Adam Blade

Tom has to fight the last beast alone! Epos is the strongest beast! The volcano is about is erupting! Will Tom survive?  Will Tom ever find his father? Read Beast Quest Epos The Winged Flame to find out……


Alone in the Night by Holly Webb

Jasmine has new neighbors, they own a kitten. Jasmine has always wanted kitten. The kitten’s name is Star. When Star discovers a hole under the fence she goes under it. At that time Jasmine was outside. She looked so cute!