We are Blessed to have a Published Author at St. Egbert Catholic School!

We are truly blessed to have Mrs. Becky Bolduc, our wonderful art teacher, here at our school. She has published her first book Song Mages of Gaia*, complete with her own art work for the cover! The book is ready for check out–and I already have a list of students who cannot wait to read all about her characters who live in the land of Gaia. As the back cover of the book says, “In this inspirational fantasy novel, a young woman must rise above her challenges and accept her destiny to rescue her beloved land from evil creatures.” Are you ready to enter the land of Gaia? Come check it out!

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library dotsGreen: Big Books located in Beginning Fiction.

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Blue: Newbery books* have won an award for the content or story.

Orange: Classics are books that have stood the test of time and are reading favorites.

Yellow: Series books indicate a set of books published in a certain order.

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