Books, Books, and more Books!

What is happening this month? Students can check the board to find topics of interest. New books are displayed on the top of the library shelves, and books related to the month’s topics can also be found on the book displays. Need help finding just the right book? All you have to do is ask!

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Scholastic Book Fair Online until Nov. 11

Thank you for all your support during our Book Fair. We had so many parent volunteers that made our Book Fair possible.

If your child missed out on a book they really wanted, you can click on the link below. The online Book Fair will count toward our school so I hope you are able to take advantage of this opportunity.

Again, my sincere appreciation to all who made this Book Fair a success!


Scholastic Online Book Fair

Book Fair Banner

Kindergarten Computer Time

Look what we are doing in Ms. Stacy’s class! Learning the sounds and letters of the alphabet and reading stories on the computer! Does it look like we are playing games? Playing games with the letters and the words makes learning fun. We can also access the Symbaloo website at home if we want to continue practicing our letters, sounds, and words!

Global Day of Prayer: Children Across the World Prepare for Oct. 7, 2016


Please use the links below to help prepare the children for

October 7th, 2016, Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary:

The Miracle of Our Lady Fatima Trailer

The Miracle of Our Lady Fatima Movie on Gloria TV

The flipbooks below contain many resources for parents and teachers to share with our children.

Missionaries Flipbook

Sacrifice Flipbook

Follow The Way Flipbook


Click HERE for short overview of program
Click HERE for Press Release (08/15/16)
In this ‘Year of Mercy’ click HERE for your ‘Production for Heaven’

“Oh the Places You’ll Go!”

This is the first day the students came to the library to check out books. While others were still looking for just the right book, these students were already immersed in the new stories. Students in grades 3 – 5 will be recording their new adventures in their Reading Passports. As Dr. Seuss says, “Today is your day! You’re mountain is waiting so…get on your way!”

Looking for a book? Just follow the dots…


library dotsGreen: Big Books located in Beginning Fiction.

Purple: Juvenile books located in the Nonfiction section are appropriate for K-3.

Red: Caldecott books* have won an award for the illustrations.

Blue: Newbery books* have won an award for the content or story.

Orange: Classics are books that have stood the test of time and are reading favorites.

Yellow: Series books indicate a set of books published in a certain order.

*Looking for suggested books to read? Go to:  Award Winning Book Suggestions .